Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride - Darklands 2019

Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride – Darklands 2019

Darklands is the world’s only indoor gay fetish festival. It offers a safe-haven for adventurous gay men looking to expand their sexual horizons. Many Romeos visit Antwerp for Leather Pride each year, and some have been using TRAVEL to chat to locals for weeks before they get there. The time has finally come for men from around Europe, and the world, to unite in the love of leather, kink, and fetish in Antwerp this weekend.

Fetish Market and Live Shows

As well as offering a place for leather and fetish fans to meet other kinky guys, Darklands features free fetish demonstrations, a fetish market, various workshops, and the best after parties; all mixed up with art, porn and live sex shows. A selection of bars and food options are available, and all the best leather and fetish retailers will have a stall packed full of exciting and inspirational kinky toys, accessories, and outfits. Make sure you’ve filled in your fetish preferences on your ROMEO profile before you get there so people can find you. If you use #Leather or #Fetish in your description it will make it easier for other fetish fans to find you using a hashtag search.

Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride - Darklands 2019

Bondage Workshops by The Puppeteer

There will be a bondage specialist called The Puppeteer, at Darklands. He will show his rope skills and will also demonstrate binding, gagging, and whipping. Learn how to command your slave with rope bondage in a safe way.

Belgium Leather and Fetish Pride - Darklands 2019

Useful Festival Info

Workshops are free of charge, and in fact, they are included with your Darklands ticket. Workshops cannot be reserved. Up to 30 attendees can be accommodated for each class; be sure to be on time. Seats are given on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.

Lockers are available on site and you can also check some items at a guarded cloakroom.

The Darkroom

The darkroom is enormous and full of action – all day and all night. It’s open during the day for market visitors to get a little sex adventure during their shopping time. Of course the darkroom is also open air nighttime, party people to sling and suck the night away. Condoms, lube, and gloves are at your disposal for free.



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