Beginner’s Kink

Kink. Has it been in the back of your mind for a while now? Afraid to speak about it? Are you curious to know if it’s for you and ashamed to even mention it to your best friend? Well then, this is the blog for you, ‘Beginner’s Kink’, an inquisitive dip into the pool of pain and pleasure.

All Kinds of Kink

Kink often comes with judgment and fear of the unknown.  The very words kink and fetish are already charged with assumptions and can be described, rather ironically, as loaded terms.

Kink represents so many different things:

BDSM, perversion, dirt, leather, rubber, PVC, feet, piss, scat, dirty talk, fisting, spanking, spitting, docking, CBT, sounding, exhibitionism, voyeurism, group sex, pigs, power bottoms, dominant tops, subs, slaves, masters, daddies, and the list goes on.

Shocking Thoughts

The variety of kink goes from the subtle to the extreme but it is, of course, the bolder activities that get the most exposure. There’s a wide range of kink from the very digestible, such as tea bagging or toe sucking, to the less palatable like bondage and sadomasochism. The more extreme examples tend to color people’s minds against the whole idea. Fisting, domination, piss and the most advanced areas of kink are what people talk about. This is, of course, shocking to those outside of the ‘kink community’ (and indeed to many within it).

It’s very easy to overlook more accessible areas of kink and assume they’re part of regular sex. More mainstream kinks include talking dirty, foot worship, and outdoor sex; these are all distinctive sex acts and as such kinky. Sex is something we should enjoy; it should be fun and can be an extremely loving act. Introducing a bit of kink to the bedroom can help to make it more fun. Having a kinky side, helps us to explore new areas of our personality and emotional intimacy. Kink is about enhancing your sexual pleasure and your experiences.

Beginner's Kink Joseph Kearney Social Media Officer
Joseph Kearney Social Media Officer ROMEO

My Personal Kink

In my journeys into kink, I’ve gotten to know myself a whole lot better and I’ve found greater fulfillment sexually. I’ve also discovered kinky guys are often the nicest and sweetest men I’ve met. They’re in touch with their sexual wants and needs and are comfortable being naughty.

If you stop framing kinky guys as perverts and paint yourself into the kink picture, you can begin to overcome your initial resistance. Then, if you don’t worry too much about the massive variety and just identify your own preferences, this can be a good beginning to explore your sexual fantasies and unleash your inner kink. 


I personally love feet; this doesn’t mean that every single time I have sex I need to eat feet. Actually, the fact that I only get to eat feet once or twice a year makes it all the more satisfying and exciting when it does happen. I’m also very specific about the feet I want to eat. Size 40-43, little to no hair, petite toes, both feet can just about fit in my mouth and I can, if I choose to, bury my face in there – HEAVEN!

Kink is not always an extreme activity, or it needn’t be. You can easily try it out with people you trust and in a safe environment. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, feel free to explore your sexual landscape and follow your natural urges. You may discover you really like a bit of spit from time to time, but any other fluids are really not for you. Alternatively, you might discover a newfound love of all things kink. The adventure is in finding out.

Much Love,

Joseph Kearney

Social Media Officer

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