Beginner’s Kink 1

Kink, it’s the spice that can add a little extra flavor to your sex life. One very common challenge people face when wanting to get kinky is knowing where to start. There’s just so many things that are ‘Kinky’. We dipped our toe in the pool of pleasure and pain in a previous article. This is the follow up.

Many of you may already enjoy the kinky side of life. Perhaps you pop in and out of leather bars on holidays, or you hang out in toilets smiling for just a second too long at the urinal. #codeyellow Others might have no idea where to begin or what to do to get started. Well, no one has all the answers, but we do have something to say about kink and it’s on tape.

This is the first clip in a series looking at the kinky side of sex. We are easing in gently, so relax and see how much you can take. Beginner’s Kink 1 features two of the hottest guys on PLANETROMEO. Christian Vincent, a model actor and committed kink newbie, and Luke our Social Media Support Agent, a young but experienced kink fan. It’s hard to know where to look with the amount of man meat in this video, so feel free to enjoy it over and over again.

Our follow up clip, Beginner’s Kink 2 is coming soon. In the next video we’ll be taking a closer look at ‘Puppy fetish’. We had so much fun with Christian Vincent making  Beginners Kink 1, we just had to have him back to find out exactly what puppies get up to? Curious? Follow us on YouTube to make sure you don’t miss out on our follow up kink story.


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