Bringing Executive Realness to Beta

“Authentication is a feature we really wanted to bring to Beta as soon as possible. We had a lot of requests from users – it was high on the Wishlist and also from talking to users and getting face-to-face feedback we could see there was a need for it.” – Sascha

Authentication is a feature on ROMEO that allows members to indicate their friends, acquaintances, and buddies are genuine. If you know someone, you can hit the ‘I know this guy personally’ button when you go to ‘Save as a contact’. We spoke to Sascha, one of our Senior Product Owners, based in Berlin about how this feature has been enhanced on PLANETROMEO Beta.

Green Badge of Realness

The original authentication available on the Classic site has three levels of ‘known’ – we decided to simplify this on Beta. Now when you’re authenticated, you get a green badge with a white tick  to let other users know you’ve been validated. Then if anyone wants to know more, they can tap on the green badge and find out how many users have validated you. We wanted to make authentication simpler on ROMEO Beta and also relocate the badge from general stats to a more prominent position on the profile. Now it’s ‘stamped’ on your profile to the left of your age and name info.

The Friendly Network

It’s a little more sophisticated than just one person authenticating you. It’s actually a group of people. You need a minimum of 7 Romeos to save you as ‘known personally’ before you get a green badge of authenticity. Those members have been authenticated previously, so it’s a network of trust within our community.

It goes towards building greater credibility and helps to make our online community more real. You can chat to guys, and know with some certainty that they’re really looking to connect.

Making New Profiles Feel Welcome

New profiles will also get a badge for the first 72 hours that they are live. This means you know straight away they’re new to ROMEO, and if you like, you can give them tips on how to use the site. You can also report suspicious activity, if you suspect they’re not genuine. Alternatively, if it’s your buddy, you can help to move him closer to authenticity by clicking ‘I know this guy personally’.

The Future

We will revisit authentication later in the year and see how it has grown over the first few months. It’s always nice to review a project after its initial roll out, to help improve it and make it even better for our Romeos.

Authentication is just one of the ways ROMEO is working hard to keep our community as real and honest as possible. We also have a security system called MUD that is constantly searching for fake users. Get the full story here – MUD : Keeping ROMEO Real.

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