Summer officially starts next week and we need your help to get in the holiday mood. We want to know all about your travel plans, whether it’s backpacking in Thailand, visiting the Big Apple or city-hopping through Europe. Let us know what makes your ideal get-away.


Hot Weather, Hotter Guys
Of course, whatever you plan to do, it’s always nice to meet hot guys and that’s where PlanetRomeo can help. Even if you’re not visiting a gay hot spot like Barcelona or Miami, ours is a close-knit community and we just love it when two guys come together. Like anything in life, a little preparation can go a long way.

I’m Here, I’m Queer!
When you’ve chosen your travel destination, packed your speedos and sun cream (or hiking boots and mosquito spray), the next thing you need to do is let the locals know you’re visiting by creating a PlanetRomeo Travel Advert.

Create Your Travel Ad
All you need to do is click “Edit locations” option in your location drop-down menu, then “Add new location”. Select that location (now your virtually there) and click on “My Romeo & Administration”  > “Adverts”  > “Create Travel Plan Advert”.  Next, select the dates you’re arriving and leaving, come up with a catchy headline, inviting text, and attach a picture from your picture manager. Then click “Publish Advert” in the lower right corner.

Your advert is visible to other Romeos as soon as you create it, so you can start immediately with pre-cruising and flirting. Then all you need to do is wait for all the hot guys to start sending you drinks invitations… for example.

Who’s Visiting?
Even if you’re not planning to travel this year, you can top up your fun with tourists. Tip: quickly view all the travelers in your region by choosing “Travelers – Region” in the list of shortcuts in the lower right corner. Simple!

So whatever your plans are this summer, why not use PlanetRomeo’s Travel Ads to upgrade your vacation and turn up the heat a few degrees. Around the World in 80 dates may be a bit ambitious, but we like to aim big don’t we?

Jan – Team Leader Customer Care