Mr. Aries, you’re not powerfully romantic, but you know what you want, and aren’t afraid to go after it – that can be sexy and romantic. The 1st week of this month begins with a surreal feeling, urging you to connect with your softer side. Single? Try new places or different activities to meet people. Week 2. Share your unique qualities, and stand out from the crowd. The 11th has you supporting better communication and decisive action when it comes to romance. Taking the initiative may not be easy, but it certainly pays off. The 19th asks you to pull in your horns when disagreeing. That same day asks you not to get so lost in love that you forget yourself. Establish healthy boundaries to pave the way toward success. On the 25th, the physical side of your relationship soars, especially if you’re married. The 28th and 30th support healthy, happy communication. Say what you feel and watch your relationship develop even further over time.

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