Aries, this month you’re all about the chase. You want him so bad, but you can’t have him, and you know it. You want to be teased, led on, and challenged right into the bedroom, and if you say the right things, he will come running. But he aint yours, so let this one go.

You’re not known for settling into longterm gigs, you crave the excitement of conquering something new and unconquerable. You’ll have a chance for something meaningful later this month if you’re open to it. You do well in relationships where your partner is an equal who knows when to fight and when to let you play the big brave Hero. You always put on a show, in the club and the bedroom, so those who find themselves crushing on you better watch out! You aint taking no prisoners this time. Call home, pay your bills and apply for that job opening. You might not get it, but it will open other doors..

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