Hold on, Aries. Are you doing too much? Luckily, you’re a great multitasker. In the 1st week, if you’re single, you’re seeking new love. You could bump into an excellent new prospect on the street, or you to take small steps to solidify what you already have with a new dating partner. At the same time, married and partnered Arians, please check those egos at the door. What you’ve got is exceptional, so why risk it by being overly selfish? By week 2, your male and female energies are in perfect balance. It’s a fabulous time to talk about shared goals or do something together that brings your closer. Even if you’ve only been together for a few months, the challenge for you is to become an even better version of yourselves. This time your personal growth is about doing it for your partner in crime. By week 3, you’re both ready to let something from the past go, but you may find that communication is troublesome. Try to power through.

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