The August 7 Lunar Eclipse spotlights you, Aquarius, and suddenly you are bigger than life in the eyes of a sexy potential partner or your long-time lover. It seems that this person can’t keep their hands off you, and you love every minute of this new attention. The often intimidating Water Bearer overflows with confidence this month as sexy stars in your First House of “who you really are” find you holding all the aces. On the 12, you could bend the rules slightly. It’s all about excess that day, and you might have to rein in your energies. Your partner could be overwhelmed by the amount of food, drink, and play that can fill one night. The Solar Eclipse of August 21 is in bold Leo, and it could be that your endorphins are on steroids and creating a new high in your sex appeal. If this is a new love interest, it could grow by leaps and bounds over the next two weeks. You could give new meaning to the word “seduction.” You’re priming the pump for bigger and better adventures in love.

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