You have an exceptional month ahead regarding love and romance. Week 1 asks you to go bigger and brighter when it comes to showing your feelings. Single and dating? You may find your partner just doesn’t understand unless you make yourself extraordinarily clear. Week 2 raises flirting to new levels as you compliment each other in a highly romantic fashion. Influential energies combine, and if you seek an earnest or committed relationship, you might just meet your match. Don’t be surprised if he sweeps you off your feet. It’s such a dreamy, romantic moment that allows you to lose all sense of time. In week 3, take some ‘Me’ time or reconnect with friends. It’s important not to be influenced by relationship energies, ¬†particularly on the 19th. Clearly defined moments for yourself only makes your love relationship stronger. Week 4 provides you both with some perspective. If you’re questioning your long-term compatibility, it isn’t an opportune time for a conversation. Wait until the end of the month, when your feel encouraged to bare all. Afterward, reward yourselves with something fun, like dinner out at a hip new restaurant.

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