Mister Aquarius you love to play it cool when it comes to romance. But this month, that may be a thing of the past as you begin to get close to someone special. Week one highlights new dating partners that may take you by surprise. Love blossoms when you go with the flow, and let someone who may not be your type show you who they genuinely are. Single Aquarians. You may feel a bit lost when it comes to a new relationship. If you need to know where you stand, try week two, when communication does much better. Already partnered? You find that you need to listen more than you speak. (Take the poo out your ears and put it in your mouth’). You move forward from most disagreements much faster if you allow for mistakes now and again. In week three, romance soars. Schedule intimate dinners and other fun date night activities in this week or at the beginning of week 4, when passion lights up your love life. In week four your plans are so aligned that it’s not even funny. Sharing goals and dreams brings you closer than ever before. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable about your wants and needs.

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