6 Ways PlanetRomeo Beta Will Make Dating Easier Than Ever

We’re so proud that PlanetRomeo was one of the world’s first dating platforms – and truly the first social network – created for gay, bi and trans guys. Formed in 2002, we’ve been bringing guys together ever since, and we now have users in almost every country in the world. But while we’ve seen lots of development within our site, the design of our platform has stayed more or less the same. Looking at our site’s underlying technical infrastructure, we knew we needed a big update.

And the update is starting to happen. With the PlanetRomeo beta, you can expect to see a brand new, modern look for our platform, and we are gradually packing it with features that we hope you’re going to love. While you will continue to be able to access the original PlanetRomeo site, we think you’ll find our updated platform makes dating far easier on all your devices. Developed using feedback from our Romeos, we think you’re going to love what’s in store. Curious to know more? Read on…

1. Bigger profile pictures

Tired of having to click through profiles to see clear pictures? With the new grid view, you’ll be able to see much bigger photos, so you’ll have a much better idea of what a guy looks like before you click. And the best part? The grid is customizable, allowing you to choose the size of the tiles and how many you see. But if you’re a fan of scanning the list view, don’t worry – that’s still an option too!

Filter screen2

2. Easy to use filters

Like a guy with a beard? Or maybe you’re looking for someone who shares your underwear fetish? While it is still possible to use filters on the classic PlanetRomeo site, we made them easier than ever on the beta. There’s no need to navigate away from the grid screen, simply pull out the filters sidebar, set your preferences and the grid will show you all the guys who meet your requirements. Finding the perfect guy has never been easier!

3. Improved chat function

We know it can be frustrating having to open a new window every time you get a new message, but on our beta site you won’t have to. With our new chat function, messaging guys is far easier. You can have multiple conversations open at once, and flick through them quickly in our new messages tab. Now there’s no excuse to avoid sending that cute guy a message 😉

chat screen

4. Made for mobile use, XXX pics and all

We’re super proud of our PlanetRomeo Apps for iOS and Android, allowing you to use PlanetRomeo on the go whenever you like. But there’s one thing missing from our Apps – XXX photos. Sadly, due to Apple and Google’s strict rules, we’re not allowed to show sexy photos in our App, but soon you’ll be able to use PlanetRomeo on your mobile more easily than ever before. Our new design is optimized for mobile use and features the same layout as the App. So if you’re on your mobile and want to see some sexy photos, you’ll be able to log in on your browser and use the desktop version just like an App – simple and much sexier!

5. Explore

A lot of our guys like to travel, and given that our users are spread out all over the world, PlanetRomeo is a great tool to help you find guys abroad. But what if you want to find and chat to guys before you travel? The Explore function allows you to set your location to anywhere in the world, so you can get to know the local hotties before you set off. But that doesn’t mean you won’t still be seen at home – come summer, you’ll be able to set your location to multiple places at once, allowing you to be found by guys both at home and away.

travel screen

6. Activity stream

The activity stream is an exciting new feature we’re working on to make staying up to date with the guys you’re interested in super easy. You’ll be able to choose which guys to follow, and a new sidebar will show you what they’re up to – by summer, we’ll have it set so that if one of your friends and favourites has uploaded new photos, you’ll be among the first to know. With the activity stream, you’ll never miss an update.

So there you have it! And guess what? The new-look PlanetRomeo beta site will be available free to everyone to try this spring. Stay tuned for updates!