In a way, PlanetRomeo is a marketplace for meeting gay men. Your profile is your ad, and therefore your profile content is very important. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”, right? So we’ve put together 3 simple tips for improving your dating success.


1: A Picture Says a Thousand Words
We see it a lot in profiles, “No pic, no date,” and let’s be honest, it’s understandable why. Have you ever bought something in a web shop without seeing a picture first? Probably not. Therefore, we suggest you display at least one picture in your profile. But more is better. Ideally, it’s best to publish a combination of sexy and “more respectable” pics, to give other Romeos a clear idea of who you are. Remember, having a profile with pictures makes you more trustworthy.

Bonus tip: Change your profile picture every once in a while. Romeos will definitely notice a fresh pic in their search results!

2: The Importance of Dirty Talk
Many of our Romeos use the “Sexual Preferences” search filter. When you’re looking for a hot date, use these to tell your potential fuck buddy what you’re into. Why waste time with endless chatting when you can cut right to the chase? If you want sex, talk sex!


3: Extra! Extra! The Headlines Have it!
Make up a catchy headline to draw attention to yourself in the search results. You’ve got 200 characters to express yourself, impress other Romeos and stand out from the crowd.

You can edit your headline easily: go to, click on “My Romeo & Administration”, go to “Stats, description” and fill in the text field under “Headline”. In the App, go to your settings, “Edit Profile” and edit the headline section.

So there you go. Three quick-and-easy steps to give your dating life a boost. If you’ve got any other tips you’d like to share with your fellow Romeos, let us know in the comments below.

Roy – Social Media Officer