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June 19, 2019

What we have done

Our Romeos told us they prefer not to see too much advertising. So, we changed our strategy. We reduced the amount of advertisement and now focus more on our PLUS memberships.

Our motivation was understandably the massive amount of complaints about fullscreen ads in the app. Like you, we find ads with auto-sound and no closing options unacceptable! Since advertisements mostly come from automated networks nowadays, the content is completely out of our control. In addition to that, we saw a questionable handling of data and privacy in the advertising world. We believe a point has been reached where the ad income and your happiness is out of balance.

As a first step, we stopped fullscreen ads via networks in January 2019. But this meant we had a problem. We'd not only be losing income, but many people upgraded to PLUS to get rid of ads.

We hope you understand why we had to strengthen our PLUS features. At the same time it's important for us to keep our promise: "More for free than others." We want everyone to have a happy gay life online; independent from where you live or how much money you have in your pocket. However, restricting less-used features or just adding features no one needs makes no sense. Sorry guys, it needs to hurt a bit! We hope you can see, we did our best to carefully think these changes through with the big picture in mind.

Thanks for reading guys!

All the best,
Your ROMEO Team

12+1 PLUS Features

Unlimited photo upload new

Since we introduced instant photo in chats, we realized that to only store 25 photos was too restrictive. That's why for Free users we increased the photo upload limit to 100. Enjoy! As before, PLUS users can upload an unlimited amount of photos.

Grid View Options new

Free users only have the 3-column small grid. PLUS users can choose the large grid with bigger pictures or the more detailed list view. PLUS users can also choose which stats are displayed in the list view.

Be Seen in 5 Cities at Once new

With our TRAVEL feature you can add travel dates to be seen in up to 5 remote cities worldwide, all at the same time.

Saved Phrases new

Do you have a phrase or a witty comeback that you like to use often? Use Saved Phrases to make chatting easier and faster. A couple of clicks and you're a chat pro.

Big Grid Headline new

Read profile headlines without ever opening the profile. It's a great way to fall in love with their mind before you see the rest.


Unlimited Contacts

(50 for free)

Hide Your Profile Visits

Invisible Online Status

All Search Filters

Unlimited QuickShare

(Free users get 3 per day)

7 day Visitors List

(Free users 24 hours)

No ads

Don't forget

See XXX Photos

Due to Apple & Google restrictions, photos classified as 'Too Hot' cannot be shown in the apps. PLUS users can always see XXX photos using our website at iOS users have the option to activate adult content by switching it on from the ROMEO website. PLUS Android users can see XXX photos also by going to the website using their web browser.

Moving your profile location to anywhere in the world is no longer possible.

No Romeo profile can be moved to another city. Your profile location will always be your real (GPS) position. For privacy reasons, we will not force you to use your exact GPS-Location. In case you feel uncomfortable for whatever reason, you can modify your shown location by 100km in any direction. For more information check out our guide on Locations and Positions.

As always, Free Romeo users will still be able to explore the world. Using the TRAVEL feature you can search and browse locals in any city in the world. But you will not be seen on the grid as being in that city. To be seen in another city you need to be a PLUS user. You can add travel dates and be seen in up to 5 cities at the same time.

We have a very important reason for this restriction: Fraud! The option to secretly move a profile around the world is a huge invitation to fakers and scammers.