PlanetRomeo Wishlist House Rules

Thanks for helping PlanetRomeo become a more fun place for everyone by ’slipping in’ your great wishes and ideas via our Wishlist. Remember, your wishes need to be practical and follow our simple house rules below:

  • The Wishlist is for feature wishes for the PlanetRomeo website or App. Please contact our Customer Support for any other topics. This can be done via the ‘Contact’ link in the menu above.
  • The Wishlist is not to be used for reporting a profile or user. If you notice a profile that you think violates our rules, please use the report function which can be found on every profile or message.
  • Use the search field to check for existing ideas before adding a new wish. This will help to avoid double entries, provide a better overview, and keep the Wishlist easy to work with.
  • Please use English only. This makes it easier for more Romeos to comment, and it ensures that every idea submitted can be properly considered.
  • We ask that you keep the discussions friendly and open. Keep in mind that although everyone is entitled to his own opinion, people have feelings. If a post is found to be offensive it will be removed.
  • For everyone’s convenience, we ask that you stay on topic. Your comments should match the wish itself, otherwise it may cause confusion.
  • The Wishlist falls under the PlanetRomeo ’Terms of Use’ and ‘Privacy Statement’. To view these in full please visit:

What are we doing with your wishes?

We read, discuss and evaluate all of your wishes and take your votes into consideration when planning future development. We hope you understand that we aren’t able to discuss all comments in detail with you or guarantee that a particular wish will be implemented.

We thank you for your input and hope that the Wishlist will be a helpful and friendly place for all Romeos to visit and participate in.

Happy dating!

Your PlanetRomeo Team