The Full Story

At the beginning of 2018, we moved our escort service to our new site and launched However, we feel we didn't communicate enough. We're, really sorry about that, guys. Let us explain what happened and what our upcoming plans are.  


The main reason we moved the escort service to our new website is simple: we plan to close our Classic website at the beginning of next year (2019). ROMEO users can already find HUNQZ at under the special HUNQZ icon. As before, HUNQZ and Romeos can chat and interact as before.

But up until now HUNQZ missed a huge customer base: Everyone who is not already a ROMEO user! And now, clients can easily browse HUNQZ on mobile devices. If a HUNQ chooses to give their phone number or email address on their profile, clients can contact and book HUNQZ. Clients don't need to sign up to ROMEO first. If a HUNQ doesn't want to be shown publicly, they can of course opt-out.

Furthermore, the escort service has been seen as part of ROMEO and in a way invisible to the outside world. With a separate brand and website, we finally have the option to make some noise and promote your business! And that’s great for your bottom line!

What happened during the year

Many HUNQZ had worries about losing customers due to the migration. We fully understand what a HUNQ's number 1 priority is! It's about their income and not nicely designed buttons. At the beginning of the year, we saw a slight drop in usage, but during the year the activity more than recovered. We are currently around 10% above 2017 and we continue to grow.

Already improved features:

  • - you can search in other cities
  • We show when a profile was created
  • HUNQZ can use 'Phrases' for quick replies (PLUS)
  • HUNQZ can add TRAVEL dates and be seen in 5 cities at once (PLUS)
  • New startpage to discover HUNQZ
  • Simpler navigation for on mobile devices

About the Review feature

We give HUNQZ full control to react to or hide a review. We fully understand how frustrating this can be for the client especially if the negative review is true. But we don't see any other option since we can't judge if a review is true or not. Fake negative reviews are a serious threat for a HUNQ's income. This also means keep an eye on the number of positive reviews!

Two things we plan to improve:

  • When clients give a review, we will check their “known level”. In case the client prefers to stay “Anonymous” we will still flag the review as “this review is from an authentic user”. This means that clients can trust flagged anonymous reviews - they are definitely not from the HUNQ himself.
  • When a HUNQ deletes a review from an authentic ROMEO user, we will count and show this in that HUNQ's review section. All other reviews from non-authentic users can be removed by the HUNQ as before without being counted.

Whats next?!

In addition to many smaller fixes, we've got some great ideas for feature development - profile homepage, video upload, and earn extra money like on Just4Fans. At the moment our development is focused on GROUPS and closing classic. But starting in spring 2019, we can begin working on bigger projects again. Our plans are to hold a big survey to find out your priorities.

All the best,

Your HUNQZ Team