There are 7 billion people on the planet and assuming that 5% of them are LGBTs, then there are about 350 million of us in the world. Most of the available data refers to LGBT people in an abstract legal way and not on the level of the happiness of individuals. Worldwide comparable data about how life is, from the point of view of the gay citizen, is nowhere to be found. Often they ask for our help. But what are we to do?

Introducing the Gay Happiness Index (GHI)

We combined three main topics to generate one worldwide ranking on gay happiness:

Public Opinion

How do gay men feel about society’s view on homosexuality?

Public Behavior

How do gay men experience the way they are treated by other people?

Life Satisfaction

How satisfied are gay men with their lives and do they accept themselves?

Country Rank GHI Public
Situation Change
within the last year
Scores from 1 to 100
Iceland179877376 123
Norway277787378 520
Denmark376787178 469
Sweden473756875 619
Uruguay573647480 53
Canada672756674 691
Israel771697174 337
Netherlands871676779 3012
Switzerland970666777 3158
Luxembourg1070656678 283
New Zealand1169696574 168
Finland1269676674 664
Spain1368656574 3735
Germany1468646475 29325
Argentina1567606576 293
Thailand1667626871 1549
Belgium1767626475 2755
Czech Republic1866597070 545
Austria1964576273 2509
Australia2064616070 602
France2163556371 7047
South Africa2263576171 252
United Kingdom2363626066 1520
Andorra2462556466 25
Ireland2562576266 415
United States2661575867 1236
Malta2761526268 198
Réunion2860506170 43
Cuba2959465971 166
Costa Rica3058435674 70
Curaçao3157416465 22
Mexico3256455371 575
Portugal3356445966 504
Taiwan3454456355 172
Cambodia3554405962 56
Chile3653385566 142
Slovenia3752356161 396
Colombia3851345466 407
Brazil3951375364 673
Italy4051276263 9887
Philippines4150405357 4947
Estonia4250295862 286
Japan4350276161 194
Ecuador4450335462 136
Venezuela4548295165 215
Suriname4648196064 20
Slovakia4747235862 400
Bolivia4847274966 31
Hungary4947225859 2112
Djibouti5046255856 21
Poland5146235758 1988
Vietnam5245325548 218
Greece5345215659 2861
Madagascar5445205460 48
Panama5544234862 34
Peru5644244959 317
South Korea5743185555 83
Namibia5843264754 31
Croatia5942225252 560
Myanmar6042225054 52
El Salvador6142174860 23
Kuwait6242195253 46
China6341255444 512
Singapore6441205251 534
Romania6541135555 2482
Bulgaria6641175353 675
Nepal6741215546 56
Qatar6840125554 47
Guatemala6940164956 27
Latvia7040125356 289
Cyprus7140175152 351
Lithuania7240154956 242
Indonesia7340175746 867
Dominican Republic7440214553 61
Nicaragua7539254052 51
Mauritius7639155250 187
Malaysia7738155150 1421
Benin7838244645 52
Honduras7938203955 23
Belarus803795251 117
India8137164650 7183
Turkey8237154552 1767
Ukraine8337105051 359
Oman8437105150 41
United Arab Emirates853795151 260
Ivory Coast8636154747 116
Russia8736105050 1312
DR Congo883694554 30
Serbia8936125145 1732
Sri Lanka9035124549 180
Tunisia9135124646 269
Montenegro9235115340 118
Moldova933594945 101
Albania9434114646 66
Jordan9534134446 45
Brunei9634135238 21
Georgia9734114644 78
Uzbekistan983344947 20
Lebanon9933104346 132
Azerbaijan1003384546 41
Saudi Arabia1013384545 201
Bosnia-Herzegovina1023384546 419
Macedonia10333104641 246
Morocco10433104444 738
Algeria1053294544 330
Kenya10632113947 111
Maldives10732104839 37
Senegal10832104541 112
Mali10931104836 21
Zimbabwe1103163650 22
Tanzania1113083744 41
Bangladesh1123093644 48
Pakistan11330133740 47
Armenia1143054539 44
Egypt1152973744 180
Kosovo11629113640 51
Burkina Faso1172964041 22
Kazakhstan1182953744 81
Ghana11927133633 85
Cameroon12027113237 186
Iran12126103136 65
Nigeria1222563237 92
Iraq12324133326 26
Kyrgyzstan1242272633 20
Ethiopia1252263227 31
Sudan1262062726 29
Uganda1272062330 25

Detailed Heat Maps based on Geo Data

We know that even within a country the situation varies; the living circumstances of gay men residing in the city is often quite different from those living in the countryside. Thanks to modern technology, we can ask participants for their geo-location data. Therefore we can show you the results in even more detail than ever before.

Interesting Facts

Click on any graph to view it in full size.

The Data is Free

We are a private commercial company. We are not scientists and do not see ourselves in a position to make the final analysis on our own. We have made the extended version of the GHI data publically available for everyone in order to draw further conclusions.


The survey was provided in 25 languages and targeted at all users of the PlanetRomeo platform (about 1.8 million). These users are all 18 years or older and mainly gay or bisexual. Privacy is guaranteed by means of an anonymous questionnaire, strongly blurred geo positions and a presentation of data on an aggregated level only. For more information on used methods please read the full report.


Fundamental human rights for LGBTs and their happiness is an ongoing fight. We will absolutely keep our finger on the pulse and plan to repeat the survey in the future.

About PlanetRomeo

PlanetRomeo is a gay owned and operated global gay community for sex, friends and love. It’s made up of millions of gays, bisexuals and transgenders from all walks of life: young and old, rich and poor, from out of the closet to keeping it a secret.

As gay men based in Amsterdam, we are happy and lucky to enjoy a large amount of freedom today. We can appreciate this freedom because of the previous generations who fought for equality in the past. At the same time, we are aware that in more than one third of all countries worldwide LGBT people still are considered criminals officially, and punishable by death in seven.

Men from all over the globe, who need to share their stories of the injustices that they suffer, contact us regularly.

"I was bullied in my school days in such a bad way that even though it has been seven years, I still have those wounds. I am still hurt, I wish I could take the discrimination away. People around me commit suicide. Are we not human beings? It’s weird how the people running the country are homophobic"
(Akshat, 24, India)
"A few months ago I was attacked for being gay. The attackers wanted to kill me for being gay and for wanting to pollute the culture. I managed to escape and now stay in Botswana but with challenges as the country also does not welcome gays. I write to inquire if your office can help me get to safety and peace."
(Anonymous, Kenya)
"I always thought that the world is a beautiful place for everyone without any exceptions. I realized very fast that my point of view was totally bad. I’m not open to people anymore. I hate to smile. I don’t want to meet my friends from high school anymore "

(Chris, 28, Poland)

115,000 gay men told us

Because of the Internet, online gay communities like PlanetRomeo are able to offer support for gay men that they may not be able to get anywhere else. Being at the heart of 1.8 million men globally, we have access to both the audience and resources to do this research for the very first time. Incredibly, more than 115,000 gay men from all over the world participated in the survey. A great result and our special thanks go out to them! We initiated the research and collaborated with the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz (JGUM), Germany who designed a qualified scientific questionnaire and executed the survey.

Our Point of View

Things seem to improve in North and South America as well as in South-East Asia. That’s great news! Europe shows a huge diversity, from 'gay heaven' (Scandinavia) in the Northwest to 'gay drama' (Balkans) in the Southeasterly direction. Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East are depressing, but no big surprise there. In general, the number of countries where the situation is getting worse is painfully shocking to us.

Our Romeos advised us to use international pressure and not to pamper homophobic political leaders. So, let’s be blunt!

Modern medicine and psychiatry already agreed that homosexuality is not a disease decades ago. However, it still seems that the freedom to be gay is not just a question of education and time. We are quite sure it has to do with politics. The GHI ranking correlates with the scale of democratic societies and freedom to autocratic countries and human rights violations.

Political and religious leaders from all over the world claim to defend 'traditional' family values. They accuse us of being deviant, immoral and having a negative effect on society. As an example, religious 'leaders' from Liberia and the USA blame us of causing Ebola and earthquakes. They put the blame on the 'decadent West' for importing queer values into their culture in order to undermine and destroy their countries.

When looking at the 5 countries with the most negative change we see Uganda, Kyrgyzstan, Sudan , Nigeria and Ethiopia at the top of the list. All of these countries are known for having a negative view towards basic human freedoms in society. Even in European countries like Russia, Turkey and Hungary we see the same negative developments.

But do the responsible leaders of these countries really care about the subject of homosexuality? Or do they use it to divert attention from the real problems their country face? History shows tyrants will do anything to stay in power. It is always easy to pick a vulnerable minority group and use them as a scapegoat. It’s a known cheap trick in order to gain popularity within a terrified and uneducated society in which they nurture these homophobic beliefs.

In our opinion, the GHI is not only about the happiness of gay men, it can also be seen as a powerful indicator for the general development of freedom, justice and security in a country. We hope the world sees these leaders for what they truly are.

Those who propagate hatred towards minorities attack all human values. Their actions are not a sign of their own superior morality, but rather the desperate behavior of an autocrat, hungry for popularity. In practice, they deny us fundamental human rights, force millions of us in the 'unhappy closet', beat us, throw us in prison and murder us.

PlanetRomeo, May 2015

"Living as a gay man in Egypt is just like living in hell. In this country gay people are treated so bad and being arrested and even killed by their parents."
(Bishoy, 22, Egypt)