PlanetRomeo Pictures

Ever wondered what your PlanetRomeo Team looks like? These galleries show us (and some of our friends) at work and at play! There are even a few pics of Mother ;-) We'll add new pics here from time to time.



Amsterdam Pride 2009 (August 2009)

The official theme of Amsterdam Gay Pride 2009 was "ExtraOrdinary" – and for all of us working at PlanetRomeo, it was!








Amsterdam Canal Pride 2008 (August 2008)

The first PlanetRomeo boat in Amsterdam's famous canal parade. (In case you didn’t know, Amsterdam Gay Pride takes place on the water!)








The New Amsterdam Office (Spring 2008)

We quickly outgrew our first Amsterdam office and had to move to more spacious accommodations. No, we didn't get too fat ;o)








Our First Amsterdam Office (February 2007)

Aah, memories. The comfort and chaos of our first offices in Amsterdam plus Kira - the company dog. We miss you Kira, [sniff].







Office Life in Berlin (Summer 2006)

We shot these photos in 2006 to show the tough realities of life in our Berlin offices before we moved to Amsterdam.